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Power Sources Unlimited is
ISO 9001:2008 Registered

Welcome to Power Sources Unlimited

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. is a premier ISO 9001: 2008 supplier in North America for AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, DC UPS, Industrial Power, Medical Power, LED Power, Green Power and Telecom/Wireless Power for small, medium and large quantity OEM customers. Our commitment to selling high quality and synergistic power conversion products and dedication to the customer have positioned us as the supplier of choice in North America for NEW design requirements.
Power Sources Unlimited

New Product Showcase

Traco Power TXM Series Cincon CBM100S Series Protek PMP92 Series Absopulse BCP Series
Traco TXM Series Cincon CBM100S Series Protek PMP92 Series Absopulse BCP Series
  • High operating temperature up to 70°C
  • Low no load power consumption <0.5W up to 75W units
  • Screw terminal block
  • No internal fan up to 150W models
  • Universal input 88 to 264VAC
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection
  • Universal input range 90 to 264VAC
  • Full Load with Baseplate Cooling and no fan
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • 17mm Ultra Low Profile Package
  • Safety Meets EN60950-1
  • Built-in EN55022 Class B Filter
  • Active PFC Meets EN61000-3-2
  • Compliant with DOE efficiency Level VI
  • Operation up to 5000 m
  • Low safety ground leakage current
  • Universal input range 90 to 264VAC
  • Class I models are equipped with IEC320/C6 inlet and Class II with IEC320/C8 inlet
  • All models meet EN55011 and FCC class B
  • Comprehensive circuitry protections
  • 48VDC Maximum output voltage
  • Conduction/convection cooled no fan required
  • Fully protected
  • Field proven design
  • Low battery disconnect circuit
  • Built-in charger fail alarm

Traco Power 2015 Shortform Catalog

Tri-Mag, LLC.

Traco Power's 2015 Product Shortform introduces 53 new products that expands their portfolio of state-of-the-art AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion products. As a leading power supply manufacturer of low power dc-dc converter, encapsulated ac-dc power modules, ac-dc power supplies (open frame / encased), industrial power supplies for DIN-rail mounting and high power ac-dc and dc-dc converters Traco Power continues their commitment to the design and manufacturing of superior quality industrial-grade power conversion products.

Click here to view Traco Power 2015 Shortform.

PSUI Partners with Tri-Mag, LLC.

Tri-Mag, LLC.

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc continues to expand it’s portfolio of highly-reliable, configurable and cost-effective power solutions with the announcement to partner with Tri-Mag, LLC. Tri-Mag has been manufacturing quality power conversion products, from EMI filters to power supplies since 1980. Offering a wide selection of standard power electronics and power systems along with custom design services to ensure we have the solution to meet the requirements of your application.
Click here to view our Tri-Mag line card.

PSUI Partners with ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd.

ABSOPLUSE Electronics Ltd.

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc is pleased to announce that we have partnered with ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd. With this partnership Power Sources continues to grow it’s portfolio of highly-reliable, configurable and cost-effective power solutions. ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd. specializes in the design, development and manufacture of high performance switch-mode power supplies for rugged and extreme environments.
Click here to view our ABSOPULSE linecard.

UL/EN 60601-1 3rd Edition and 2x MOPP Approved Medical Power Solutions

Power Sources Unlimited Medical Application

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. carries a vast selection of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters with UL/EN 60101-1 3rd Edition and 2x MOPP approvals for patient vicinity medical and dental applications. Our line of power supplies are designed by skilled engineers to achieve the required low leakage current and reinforced isolation specifications required for medical applications, Click here to view our medically approved power conversion offerings.

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